AIDC Industry’s Innovative Leader for Over 25 Years

We derive our strength from more than 25 years of experience, passion, and agility. We take an active role in building a sustainable future, with a sense of responsibility toward our customers and our world, and we are proud of it.


As Turkey's first and only internationally partnered OT/VT company, we are proud of being the leading and innovative brand of the sector for more than 25 years. We continue to add new ones to our achievements.

We closely follow the technological developments in the rapidly digitalizing new world order, and with our sustainable solutions, wide product portfolio with stocks and competitive Perkon branded products, our investors go beyond being reliable business partners of global and local brands, Thanks to our business partners and our expert team, we hold the key to the digital world.

We offer solutions to meet the needs of companies from all industries and sizes, especially in retail, logistics, warehouse management, transportation, healthcare, and the public sector.
Our field-of-service technical service team provides our customers with after-sales training and service support, differentiating with our fast and quality service

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Why Should You Choose Us?

Our Vision

"To build a future beyond the borders that takes its power from its passion, produces, evolves and always improves."

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Our Mission

“To be an institution that acts in cooperation with its employees, business partners, and customers with a fair and transparent management approach and pioneers the development of its industry.”

Our Core Values

Customer- and Employee-Oriented
Communicating Effectively

Customer Satisfaction

Adopting “Total Quality Management” as a management philosophy, Perkon focuses on increasing the productivity of its customers’ businesses by considering the preferences and standards of the market in the determination of policies. We offer the necessary informatics tools, equipment and services to be more productive and profitable by considering the unique structure of each industry and business, and modern management techniques.

Employee Satisfaction

Perkon believes that high-quality service and sustainable success can be built with qualified and happy employees. It offers a work environment that leads rather than manages, cares about the professional development of employees, is equitable, and reliable with respect to occupational safety and health.


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NBK Capital Partners, which has made private equity and private mezzanine investments totaling over $250 million in Turkey since 2007, is the alternative investment arm of the National Bank of Kuwait, one of the largest commercial banks in the Middle East. The company invests in private equity and mezzanine loans in the Middle East, Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey, managing assets worth more than $1.2 billion. The company established its Istanbul office in 2006 and has realized 10 of its 35 investments in Turkey to this day.

Our Certificates