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Matrix 220

Designed to deliver superior performance in even the harshest environments, the Matrix 220 offers ultra-compact dimensions and swivel connectors for effortless integration and installation in even the tightest spaces. With industrial-grade electronics available on all models, Matrix 220 offers unparalleled readout flexibility, easily adapting to a variety of application needs. Equipped with an innovative All-In-One DPM illuminator with red and blue light polarization filters, this model delivers outstanding DPM reading performance, meeting a wide range of industrial requirements. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, the Matrix 220 has industrial grade IP65 and IP67 ratings with an operating temperature range of -10 to 50 ºC/14 to 122 ºF. Product brochure click to review.

Matrix 320

Matrix 320 5MP image based code reader has been designed to EMPOWER INTRALOGISTICS TRACEABILITY applications providing benefits for End Usersand Machine Builders. Matrix 320 5MP brilliantly solves traceability applications inIntralogistics, Distribution, 3PL, Retail, logistics and in the Shop Floor and FactoryAutomation. Matrix 320 5MP modular design with a complete portfolio of lenses, lightings, filters,and accessories provides the highest market application flexibility in the selection andin the combination of the parts reducing the feasibility time and cost, helping systemintegrators to find effective powerful solutions for vertical applications in any industrialenvironment to grow the business opportunities. New configurable 360-degree multicolor read-feedback and Green /Red Spottechnology provide an outstanding visual feedback. To boost productivity in Intralogistics and Logistics segments, hands-free operationsenjoy higher performance with Matrix 320 5MP snappy reactivity because of itsoutstanding Depth of Field (DOF), a new grid pattern aiming system, a new embeddeddistance sensor for the best user experience and reading throughput. Product brochure click to review.