Our Sustainability Approach

The circular economy in every aspect of our lives and the use of resources that are directly related to it have brought the necessity of changing production and consumption habits and the importance of correct waste management to the center of our lives.

Managing the world's resources in a sustainable and efficient way; It is possible to use less raw materials, increase resource efficiency, reduce waste generation and recycle wastes into resources. In addition to all these, resource efficiency enables the creation of a healthy and safe working environment as well as reducing operational costs. segregation and reuse policies are in place. In this context, we applied for Zero Waste in 2022 and received our certificate in June. With this application, we have taken a series of steps to reduce our waste and recycle it.

We continue to work not only on our waste, but also on waste water. We are aware of how important wastewater is for our resources, and therefore we help protect our water resources by making the necessary investments in wastewater treatment. In this way, we aim to create an environmentally friendly office by reducing our energy consumption.

We also show our responsibility to nature for our future in our gifts. We enriched the soil of potted flowers, which are our New Year gifts this year, with the compost we obtained from the food wastes in our homes. In this way, we took one more step towards protecting our natural resources.

We immortalize the birthdays of our employees by donating saplings through the TEMA Foundation for the protection of nature.

As a result, as Perkon, we are committed to our responsibility to sustainability. We are aware of the fact that we will continue to work for a more livable world by fulfilling our responsibility towards ourselves and our environment.

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