Barcode Scanner Usage Areas

Barcode reading system is frequently used in daily life. Barcodes, which can be seen as vertical lines, contain a lot of information about the product on which it is located. Many advantages can be seen in areas where barcodes are used. There are barcodes that have become the standard around the world. The first three digits of the barcodes let you know which country the product came from. The next digits contain the company where the product was produced and information about the product. The barcode reader system that enables the reading of barcodes benefits both the manufacturer and the consumer. For the manufacturer, there are benefits such as stock status, anti-theft prevention, and shorter completion of work.

For the consumer side, it provides access to most information about the product it buys. Where the product comes from, its use, type and various features can be displayed with the help of barcodes. The areas where barcodes are used are as follows:

  • Retail
  • Storage
  • Shipment
  • Quality control
  • Bill payment
  • Health sector
  • Export

The widely used barcode reader is a reason for business reliability. Things move faster and there is no need to take additional actions for a single product. You can make your work easier by using the type of barcode reader system you need.

Inventory Tracking with Barcode Reading System

Researches are conducted on “what is a barcode reader”, which makes things more efficient and practical. This device; It is the machine that enables the barcodes on the products to be read by means of signals. It has many uses and one of them is the stock tracking area. Inventories are the raw materials or products that the firm holds for sale. There is a decrease in stocks at certain times and company employees need to follow the stock amount. It is difficult to calculate stock status by counting. At this point, the barcode reader is of great benefit. There are barcodes on the products in the company’s warehouse. These barcodes are given to the products separately from the moment the products enter the company. Thus, the products are stocked. Barcode number of products;

  • Brand
  • Color
  • Sale price
  • Total number
  • Size

stored in the system. In the research “How does a barcode reader work”, it is seen that barcodes are read for price learning while selling in the store. Although this may seem like just a sales process, it also makes the product fall out of stock. Each product barcode read by the barcode reader automatically subtracts the product from the system. Thus, if the staff wants to get information about the amount of the product later, they have the barcode read and get information about the stock. It is commonly used in large retail stores. Long-lasting counting processes are not performed for the stock status of the products. In this way, there is no need to go to the warehouse every time and the work is carried out more practically.

Shipment Tracking with Barcode

Another area where barcode reader systems are used is shipment tracking. With the developing shipping industry today, it has become difficult to follow the shipment status of the products. For this reason, barcode reader has been widely used. The barcode system provides great convenience, especially for those who sell in the field of e-commerce. A barcode is affixed on the product and thanks to the barcode that contains all the information about this product, the seller and the buyer can easily follow up. For those wondering “How to use a barcode reader”; It is stated that barcode readers that work by receiving signals with optical lights are capable of reading all kinds of barcodes.

Barcodes are illuminated with infrared lights and the lines on the barcode detect the light coming from the barcode reader. These lights are then reflected and directed to the scanner. The scanner, on the other hand, is responsible for converting all these into electric pulses thanks to the barcode reader installation. Afterwards, all information is transferred to the computer system and an inquiry is made about the product. The subject of “what is the use of a barcode reader” during shipment tracking can be explained as follows:

  • Easy visualisation of the products during shipping,
  • To make things more practical,
  • Safe realisation of the shipment
  • It allows information about the product to be learnt by saving time.

Many different types of barcodes appear as different codes. Whether there are vertical or square-rectangular symbols on the products; barcode readers can read them all. The reader reads the barcode by deciphering the lines and records the information about the product in the system.

Usage of Barcode in Healthcare and Bill Payment Sector

The health sector is another area where qr barcode reader systems are used. Personnel in health services work very intensively. At this point, barcode is used in the following areas in the health sector:

  • To be able to follow up the patient
  • Identity enquiry
  • Prescribing medication and drug monitoring by pharmacists

Thanks to barcode reader systems, the workload in this area is lightened as much as possible. Especially in the laboratory department:

  • Accurate examination of blood, tissue or specimen collection,
  • Patient reception,
  • Barcode readers are also widely used in areas such as inventory tracking.

Another area where barcode readers are widely used is the invoice payment sector. It enables employees in this sector to process invoices more practically and quickly.

Bill payment centers receive a large number of customers during the day. It is important to be able to do the work of all these customers quickly, and at this point barcode reader systems come into play. It provides convenience in many ways for both the customer and the employees by ensuring that the work progresses in a certain order. All used sectors must have barcode reader settings made. Barcode settings must be correct in order to access accurate and clear information. Sometimes there may be problems with character detection in barcode readers. It works smoothly if character detection settings are made. Each barcode reader has a special setting system. It is possible to access the details of the setting system and barcode reader prices through Perkon.