Patient Admission and Identification

Mobile Access

Real-Time Tracking

With technology solutions that enable error-free and timely processes from patient admission to discharge, you can elevate patient safety and care quality to the highest level.

Our inventory management solutions provide the opportunity for accurate and controlled care procedures. We help you minimize errors with solutions that integrate hospital wristband printers, label printers, mobile computers, and barcode scanners specially designed for the healthcare sector.

Patient Admission and Identification

By instantly verifying patient information and ensuring traceability and real-time data flow for the correct procedure, you can reduce the burden of care to a minimum.

Medication Therapy

Enabling staff to have instant access to patient and medication information not only saves time and prevents user-generated errors but also provides advantages for reporting and auditing.

Laboratory and Pharmacy Management

You can effectively manage all stages of medication management, from inventory to prescription verification and accurate distribution.

Inventory Management

With inventory management that prevents both quick access to necessary resources and excessive stock accumulation, you can keep material stock under control without reaching critical levels.

Personnel Tracking

Perkon offers support solutions that enhance workflow efficiency and assist in adjusting personnel requirements based on patient needs.

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