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Inventory Management

Retail Operations

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Mastering inventory management, driving sales, and reducing waiting periods is undoubtedly the biggest investment for your business, and is crucial for sustainable customer satisfaction.
With Perkon solutions, you can unleash the power of store employees; simplify your multi-channel operations with accurate inventory management and real-time, precise stock tracking; and offer a smooth shopping experience.

Advantages We Provide

Advantages We Provide


With Perkon solutions that respond to changing consumer habits and rising expectations, you can provide real-time traceability from warehouse to shelves in market operations, and an efficient and productive process management among your teams.

Small Stores

Solutions that help you manage your operations smarter in points of sale, price and inventory management, supply, food safety, labeling and many more processes are at Perkon.

Mobile and eCommerce

We offer efficient and reliable solutions that reflect the right inventory and ensure that the right product is received and delivered quickly and at the right time.

Bulk Sale

Necessary for bulk retailers to maximize efficiency, profit rate and customer satisfaction; You can provide a superior shopping experience with solutions that improve and accelerate the entire process from the manufacturer to the delivery.

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