What is a Handheld Terminal?

The handheld terminal is basically widely used in actions such as data storage and data processing. They are preferred by various businesses because they are in sizes that can be carried easily. For those who are wondering “What is a handheld terminal?”; In general, it can be said that it is a tool used instead of a handheld computer. Advantages:

  • They are preferred in stock tracking, production, sales and storage areas.
  • With these devices it is possible to transfer the collected data to the main system computer.
  • Hand terminal can be installed to process, store, interpret data.
  • They are used in different sectors to carry out data storage operations in mobile environments.

These devices are controlled and operated by the main system. In this way, the information entered by other handheld terminals is correlated with each other. This ensures that the information entered into the system is seamless and error-prone. Information can be entered both manually and through barcodes. It is a system needed by all businesses working with the barcode system. . In this way, they can carry out their work faster and reduce the possibility of errors in the data entered into the system. Thanks to this device, you can access information about the product in a few seconds.

Usages of Handheld Terminals

Generally wireless handheld terminal is used in sales, market, logistics, warehouse. They are preferred in many businesses. Thanks to its software feature, it allows the correct information to be processed practically. The work carried out with these devices is faster, accurate and controlled. The devices include a processor, architecture and storage space at the same time. With all this hardware, it is especially used by businesses working with barcode reader systems. You can learn all the information about a product thanks to barcodes. In these barcodes affixed on the product, you can find out which country that product comes from, which manufacturer it is produced by and general information about the product.

Thanks to barcodes, it is possible to easily view the stock tracking, shipment tracking and general status of your products. For this reason, barcode reader handheld terminal is often preferred by businesses in the sales field. Except that;

  • Logistics sector,
  • Storage areas,
  • Restaurants,
  • Meter reading,
  • Parking,
  • Hot or cold selling businesses

You can use it in various fields such as The use of devices in all these areas has been made practical with hand terminal programs. Devices with which you can process and store all kinds of information about products also have technologies such as touch screen, barcode reading, keyboard, GPS and camera. At the same time, handheld terminal with printer devices are very useful especially in sales areas. It allows you to run your business in a certain order and to gain customer trust.

Conveniences Provided by Handheld Terminals

These devices are widely used in many fields. It is because it is used in such a variety of fields that it benefits the business. The question “What does a handheld terminal do?” can be explained as follows:

  • With these devices you can upload a lot of data to the main system. It is important that this data is uploaded reliably. Security is ensured for you and you can process all the data without too much effort.
  • Simultaneously, the data processed with other devices is transferred to the main system. No additional processing is required for this operation. Handheld terminals have the task of processing and storing data.
  • In enterprises where such devices are used, it is also possible to process information entered manually in an easy way.
  • If you have a business with storage space, devices make it easier to find the data you want. You can easily access the stock information of the products in the warehouse.
  • It saves time and makes things move faster in your business. For example, if you run a restaurant, taking customer orders in this way speeds up the process. This means both customer satisfaction and disciplined execution of work.
  • Although it varies according to the handheld terminal battery model, it is generally suitable for long-term use. In this way, you can easily do your work without interrupting your work.
  • You can find models that will make your work easier in line with the needs of your business. At the same time, the devices have been specially drop tested. In this respect, it is resistant to fall during use and has a long service life.

Handheld Terminal Prices

Handheld terminals have many different features due to their wide range of applications. Thanks to their operating system, the devices can process, store and transfer your data to the main system quickly. In addition to these features, they can also be developed with other features. For example

  • Some devices also include GPS and a camera system.
  • There are also types with printers depending on the area of use.
  • Those with barcode reading systems are generally used in retail, market, warehouse and sales areas.

Depending on these features, the pricing of the devices may also vary. Basically, handheld terminal features are taken into account in pricing.

The hardware and technical features of the device are the factors that increase the prices. It is important that they have a large screen in order to carry out the work easily. For this reason, the price of devices with large and touch screens increases narrowly. In addition, the price of those with a full touch screen will be different than those with a half touch screen. At the same time, the pricing of those with large storage space may also vary. Storage space usually varies between 16 GB and 128 GB. You can access devices that have as much space as you want for your needs. Depending on all these features, handheld terminal prices vary. If you want faster output, you can choose models that have a printer. The price of those with laser technology varies for the quality of the barcode reader.